Since 2014, we have helped people create their dream home gym at a fraction of the cost.

Small business, big savings

Our story began with a big idea, to provide workout equipment which anyone, with any budget can afford. Now, in our seventh year of business, we offer the same products as large, online retailers, while providing better customer service at a lower price.

While we are working on expanding, we currently only offer local pickup and delivery for our products (shipping is not available).

Please note: we require an appointment be set to visit our warehouse for pickup. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ button to text, call or email to set an appointment. For the quickest response, texting is preferred.

How can we sell so low?

Davis Fitness Equipment is a liquidator for fitness equipment manufacturers. Our inventory consists of name brand cardio and strength equipment, with some (not all) boxes that were damaged in shipping. While the machines are fully functional, they cannot be sold as “brand new” due to their damaged and sometimes open boxes. Our technicians assemble them and conduct rigorous testing to assure they meet the highest-quality standards. They are then ready to sell, in perfect working condition but without a box. Simply due to open boxes and sometimes small cosmetic flaws you save up to 50% off the manufacturers original retail price. We built our reputation on quality and price, and are committed to offering fitness equipment at lower prices than any other company. We cannot guarantee every machine is free of scratches or small cosmetic flaws, but we can guarantee everything is in perfect working condition and fully functional to the best of our ability. At Davis Fitness Equipment we are committed to providing the best shopping experience possible!